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'Moin' is how we say 'hi' round here in the north of Germany.

Or where I'm from 'Kia Ora'. 

Many years ago I chased a beautiful German girl across the seas from my homeland New Zealand to the city of Kiel on the Baltic Coast, a place I now call my second home.


I've been guiding here since 2016 when I founded Kiel Walking Tours to try and help those lost souls trying to find the good bits of our beautiful town and have been doing so ever since. 

I love a good yarn so my tours aren't all serious and full of dates and facts. Instead I'll take you on a journey of the characters and lives that shaped Kiel as it stands today, and hopefully we'll have a laugh along the way. 

It'd be my pleasure to show you around. 


If you're visiting Kiel, have just moved here, or perhaps are looking for a guiding job over the summer be sure to get in touch.  

+49 151 2678 9487

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